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Tull et like et es.

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 4:05 PM

The year speeds by and so much to be done.

Our small Island have seen cruise ships call in. the battle against the many virus and flu that followed.

The Tall ship Picton Castle calling in stopping for mussa a week with it variety of crew members from different countries and old friends returning.

We continued on celebrating with the new pastor and his wife from Taha, Jean Claude & Esperance. a bit of a different touch and already The church is sounding much livelier than last year. She is back in her Island awaiting for the arrival of their first child and he will leave us in June. Our wish is that they can return as they are good for our little community and we all have something to share with each other.

Returning Pitcairners come to see family and stay a short while is good for our wellbeing.


Running of Time management meetings have helped the community think on a different approach to how we manage the many chores here on the Island.


The weather is getting cooler and we are setting up for our fall and winter gardens. sharing seedlings and sharing gardening tips. Jean Claude have produced many pak choi cabbage which many of us seasoned gardens think what are we doing wrong.


The last of the cruise ships for this season is looming close. 26th will see us out and about entertaining  the 1200 passengers that are likely to come onto PI. The following day we have a French Naval ship visiting.

When people ask how do I spend my day on PI......Well I have just taken time out of my day to say I m sitting on a lounge chair on the deck writing this piece for my blog.

The phone will so jingle hurrying Mum and I up for the family lunch planned last night after a family feast so dear readers enjoy. I hope to be able to have a few more days like today so I can share a bit of my PI lifestyle with you.

NO post means a lot is going on. 

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