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Pulau school first Tapa exhibition.

Posted on August 24, 2013 at 9:15 PM

In the hall on 16th August 2013, the first Tapa, Hattie leaves, Felting and other art work was on displayed. spearheaded by Pitcairn's culture teacher myself, Teacher Ms Hilary and pre school Teacher Carol. with help from Roger, the Town Hall turned from a topsy turvy meeting hall into a full blown art exhibition. This year at culture class we made Tapa from Aute bark and made natural dyes. we painted designs onto our tapa pieces using Doodwi nut smoke, doodwi bark dye and Tumeric ginger dye. all made here from natural trees and plants

The Children were fascinated as each class was different and they learnt all the skills of making Tapa, pounding out their pieces using their Eei made from wood.

A full turn out at 1 pm on 16th Aug set the mode for a happy weekend. Thank you all for attending the first Tapa exhibition held on PI. Thank you talented children of PI you make me so happy.

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