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1st international Bounty Festival October 2013

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 2:40 PM


On the 17th October 2013 the sailing yacht Concinelle arrived from Mangareva and hove of the Island for a few hours.

Gilles ruffets mission was to pick up the 3 Bounty delegates, Mike & Brenda Lupton Christian and myself. Heather Menzies the Tourism Coordinator joined us in Tahit on the evening of 23rd.

The Concinelle sailed us to mangareva in fine time and we were alongside the warf at 5am on the morning of the 20th. when the bakery opened for trade we were there to buy frsh bagets and juice for breakfast. Yum. The nice breakfast over we ofloaded our bags soon had our accomodation sorted, luggage loaded on the truck and being zoomed over the hill and on the otherside of Mangareva to a quiet spot. Staying at the Pension Maori we quickly dumped our bags inside our bungalos and headed for the lagoon a few meters from our bungalo. The simple pleasure of swiming in the lagoon and refreshing ourselves after 3 days of yacht life is such a treat.

We walked a bit after a nice lunch and then rested a bit enjoying the company of our host as well as our chef. friendships were quickly made and we enjoyed the beauty of Mangareva. the next day we went to Rikitea and did some chores we needed to do at the Postoffice and deliveries to Edmonds Shop. we Met the Mayoress Monique and she quickly invited us for lunch at Jojos cafe.

Relations between PI and Mangareva meldinging into the ever strengthing bond we wandered the settlement greeting folks we befriended on other trips. Greating cousins and friends. We had a wonderful lunch and then were driven to Terry Youngs grave by the Mayors aid. Monique joined us before heading back to work.

A walk down to the church and then back to the warf where we met with Gilles and his family. so we then trod back to meet the girls at school and then for a walk to the Stadium. The weather started to turn so we headed back and the kids were tired. Back to Jojo's for a nice icecream.

Franscois found us there and we went back to the pension with her as it had started to bucket down with rain.

A nice relaxing afternoon and internet was working. Bags packed and ready for the next days flight out to Tahiti.

Beautiful day for flying and we were soon winging our way to Tahiti. 

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