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The 1st internationa Bounty Festival

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Tahiti here we come. 3 PI delegates collected our heavy bulging suitcases and headed through the arrival door to be swamped with hugs, leis and good will. Beni and Teresa Huber were there to greet us as well as our Family Alda & Millie. Madzia & Simon were filming as we burst through the doors. the Tahit press and a few independent reporters as well as visitors who came to PI earlier were eager to meet the 3 of us who have travelled 5 days to be in Tahiti. To get this far it was a quadbike ride to Bounty bay. a canoe trip to the yach- a yach sail for 3 days- truck-ferry and plane.


Beni and Teresa took us to Royal Tahitian where we checked in and settled before heading into the pool. ah Ca beat et.

Dinner was an experience as the meals were huge and thinking it was a starter, mains and dessert turned into a big belly full of delicous food.

Plans the next day to walk to the James Norman Hall museum and have lunch with Nancy & Nick. Maurice Bligh to join us. we met Vivienne and the other girls at the museum, walk to Carrefour and then back to the hotel. a 3 mile trekk but the swimming pool was oh so worth it.


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